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Google wants to look out for you - literally. Google Glass may have been too clunky to succeed in its original version, but the search giant will find its way into your eyeballs one way or another. Google has just filed a patent for a smart device that would be injected into your eyeball. The inject-able smart lenses aim to correct vision by inserting the device directly inside the eyeballs.


Per the patent filing, the device is meant to replace your eye's natural lens. It is injected in a solution that congeals and attaches to your lens capsule. While the intra-ocular device is intended to correct poor vision, it is so much more than just an permanent set of contact lenses or an alternative to surgery.

The intra-ocular device, injected into the cavity of a subject's eyeball once the natural lens is removed. The device packages an electronic lens, sensor, receiver, storage system, and power supply all into one inject-able machine.The patent, which lays claim on both the smart lens and the procedure to install it, also talks up an "energy harvesting antenna". This allows the device to stay powered wireless.


It's not THAT crazy

“A battery?” you may ask. “Won’t that need charging?” Why yes, it will. But instead of plugging a micro USB cable into your eyeball, the battery draws energy through an “energy-harvesting antenna.” It’s not clear exactly how this would work, only that it would not involve a micro USB cable.

There's also mention of an external device that couples with the eyeball that would take over processing duties, which could open up some powerful applications for the implanted lens while staying discreet enough to stay in your eye. Physically altering the human eye may sound like a squeamish proposition - and that's not unfounded - but the process is like LASIK or other laser eye surgeries that alter a person's lens to improve vision.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google focus on the eyes. Apart from Google Glass, the company filed a patent for a smart contact lens back in 2014. This kind of tech does have some competition though. Sony recently filed a patent for a smart contact lens that allows you to view videos, images, and other information. And Samsung recently revealed a contact lens device patent earlier this year. If all the smart lens commotion is anything to go by, we could soon be using smart lenses rather than smartphones or even smartwatches.

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