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Siri has been blessing for many iPhone users for doing various tasks. It has gained another string to its bow with WhatsApp’s new update for iOS. Apple’s voice assistant Siri can now read text messages you receive via the service out loud when users go handsfree, following the latest update to the chat app. Thus making life a bit easier for people with visual impairments, or for people who just want to use their phone without looking at the screen.

"Siri to read out your WhatsApp messages "

In the My Updates screen, it's now possible to select multiple statuses at once and forward or revoke them, and the old Voice Call icon has been replaced with a "+" icon, which when tapped displays a list of contacts for making both voice and video calls.
Users can activate the feature in WhatsApp’s settings menu, and request that Siri read the latest message with the usual “Hey Siri” command. Replying by voice is possible, too, since WhatsApp added the option last September. 

The two-step verification interface has also been redesigned to make it easier to set up, while the Group Info, Contact Info, and Calls sections have also received interface overhauls to make them simpler to use. The camera now also remembers its last state of usage. 

Lastly, support for the Persian language has been added to the chat service. 

The 2.17.2 update is available now but only works on devices running versions of iOS 10.3.

Via: Macrumors and The Verge
cover pic: Neurogadget

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