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Mark your calendars, folks, it’s official. Apple has issued press invites to its next media event. On September 7 at Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco at 10 am PT. The company is widely expected to unveil new iPhones. It could unveil new MacBook Pros and the Apple Watch 2 at the same event.

This'll be the fifth year straight that Apple has held an early September event to announce new products. As usual, one of those should be the next iPhone. This new generation is believed to be extremely similar to last year's model. Only minor visual differences such as fewer antenna lines. One big drawback : the removal of its headphone jack. On the plus side, the new models are expected to be more water resistant, with the larger phone reported to have a dual camera system for taking better photos. Apple may finally do away with the 16GB entry model and move up to a 32GB model as well.

Apple hasn't confirmed anything. Precedent tells us that the Cupertino-based company will unveil its next batch of iPhones at the event. They are likely launch them roughly a week and a half later which would be September 16. This year's new batch of iPhones is rumored to be the most controversial in years.

 All evidence thus far points to a third entry with the existing iPhone 6-esque design. Furthermore, Apple is widely expected to ditch the traditional 3.5mm audio jack for supplying audio over its proprietary Lightning connector. A move that'll make all but wireless headphones incompatible without a dongle. Also you wouldn't be able to charge the new iPhone and use wired headphones without a splitter-style dongle. Apple will include a basic dongle or a splitter-style dongle remains to be seen (assuming they bundle one at all).

On the flip side, there are a handful of upsides to ditching the jack. The Lightning port can supply power. Wired headphones could include features such as active noise cancelling, something that requires batteries. What's more, deleting the port would allow Apple to either slim down its handset even further or pack in a larger battery.

Other anticipated changes include the use of a new (and faster) SoC in the A10 chip. A dual camera setup (perhaps just for the larger Plus model), a Smart Connector for use with select accessories (again, likely just on the Plus model), improved (official) waterproofing, a higher minimum local storage capacity (starting at 32GB instead of 16GB), up to 3GB of RAM and the repositioning of the rear antenna lines.

Apple may also use the event to unveil its second-generation wearable, the Apple Watch 2. The general consensus here is that Apple will stick with the same overall design this time. While boosting its overall speed and feature set thanks to faster hardware and the inclusion of GPS.

The good news is that rumors have been very promising for MacBook Pros this year. A slimmer design, Touch ID, and a dynamic OLED touch panel in place of static function hardware keys are all in the cards for the next MacBook Pro update.

Luckily, it’s only a week before we know for sure.

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