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Artists, put down your brushes. It's time to step into the world of virtual reality. Google has unveiled Tilt Brush, its new app set to revolutionize the definition of painting and push the boundaries of what it can represent.


“Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless,” says the Tilt Brush website. Tilt brush allows users to create paint 3D brush strokes, stars, light, fire around them. Don’t believe us? Watch the video.

With the swipe of a digital brush users wearing a connected HTC Vive headset can paint life-sized, three dimensional strokes of just about anything. Even drawing with impossible materials such as fire, snow and stars.

The immersive space is an obvious draw for installation artists, but there are many creative avenues for the app.

You can paint things that are life sized, meaning they are as tall in the virtual world as you can reach. You can turn around 360 degrees and paint all around you. You can use a marker, a broad brush, a fine pen – just about any kind of painting device. You can display the choices you have by pulling the trigger of the left-hand control. Then, you pick which one you want to choose by squeezing the trigger of the right-hand control. You point at the item you want to use in order to select it. At that moment, you can start moving your arm around as if you were painting.

Tilt Brush has the potential to drive change in the fashion industry. Illustrators can paint with textured fabrics such as denim, silk and cotton, as well as leather. Designers can flesh out their creations to scale and step around their work in progress, viewing it from every conceivable angle. Share it with Tilt Brush users around the globe.

The technology's full range of applications will emerge in time. Early reports have focused on the app's accessibility and appeal outside the gamer market, which has traditionally dominated virtual reality development. Although it is not the first VR drawing app, Tilt Brush is expected to make an impression through its market penetration.

The app, which was acquired by Google when it bought out its developers Skillman & Hacket in 2015, is currently only available on HTC Vive but is expected to expand to other platforms in the future.

via: Tiltbrush

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