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 Nvidia has launched its flagship GTX 1080 a few days ago at DreamHack, but the company failed to reveal any official information regarding the card or its several variants. However, specifications and stock performance numbers of the card have already been leaked, and all we wanted to know now was the number of different versions that the GTX 1080 has.

GTX 1080 Architecture

Nvidia’s 2016 cards are all powered by its new Pascal technology. Pascal replaces Maxwell, which was behind the GTX 9xx series and the Titan X. Nvidia’s headline claim about Pascal as a whole is that it’s three times more efficient than the previous generation, which is done both with computing improvements and a new design and manufacturing process.

Pascal uses a 16nm (nanometer) process, where Maxwell used a 28nm process. This means Nvidia can fit more transistors (the bits that do the computing work) into a smaller space while consuming less power, meaning the whole GPU is a lot more efficient and runs cooler.In terms of clock speed, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 will sit at 1607MHz but is capable of boosting to 1733MHz, which is a huge figure when you consider the maximum boost speed of the GTX 980 was 1216MHz.All this is possible in a GPU that consumes just 15W more power than the GTX 980 (180W versus 165W), and operates at a lower maximum temperature (94C versus 98C).

The GTX 1080 is the "largest GPU endeavor, largest chip endeavor, largest processor endeavor, in the history of humanity," said NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. He added that the R&D budget for the new card was "several billion dollars" over the span of more than two years. "I'm pretty sure you can go to Mars [for that]," he said.

GeForce GTX 1080 versus 980 and Titan X :Specifications

GTX 1080 980 Titan X


The GTX 1080 will cost $699 (around £580 including VAT) in Founders specification, while third-party manufacturers will vary, although it’s expected the cheapest will cost $599 (around £500 including VAT). Founders Edition cards will start shipping on May 27th.

The GTX 1070, meanwhile, will be priced at $449 (around £391 inc VAT) in Founders spec, while third parties are expected to start from $379 (around £314 inc VAT). Founder Edition cards will start shipping on June 10th.

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