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When first launched two years ago, Alexa was confined to the Echo, a cylindrical speaker that has since become a best seller. Then it started inhabiting other Amazon devices, such as Fire TVs and tablets, as well as compatible trinkets such as fridges and intercoms made by other companies.

Amazon is bringing Alexa to its U.S. shopping app for the iPhone, a move that will let millions tinker with the company’s most prominent experiment.

While this isn’t the first time Alexa has been on a smartphone third parties have made it happen already this is the first time it’s coming directly from Amazon. And it could be a huge help to anyone who’s filling their home with Alexa-enabled devices.

Users will need to hit the microphone icon at the top of the Amazon app for iPhone to wake Alexa up. Then users can ask Alexa to carry out tasks such as adding items to their Amazon shopping basket or playing music through Amazon Prime Music, its Spotify rival service. Alexa can also answer a variety questions such as telling you the weather or doing simple calculations. for example, to “Play the Closer,” provide random facts such as who won the football match, switch on the living-room lights, or tell a joke.

You have to open the app to use it, unfortunately.
By incorporating Alexa into the iOS Amazon app, the tech giant is bringing the voice interface to its widest audience ever. It’s a move that could enhance Alexa’s relevance at a time when Amazon is jostling for dominance against Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Siri.

Many may think that it is still strange that why Amazon chose to incorporate its assistant into the shopping application instead of trying to promote the use of the existing mobile app Alexa. Well, this decision would not respond more or less to criteria of market strategy.

Amazon experts should have considered that implementing Alexa in an existing app and used by many Apple users is better than trying to convince them to download a new application. Or at least it is the easiest way for them to discover the goodness of the assistant and then decide whether they want it in their daily life or not. If this last point is achieved, it is also likely to increase sales of devices equipped with Alexa for customers who are satisfied with the facilities provided by the assistant. 

But Apple's Siri arguably has an advantage on the iPhone because it is deeply integrated with the software on the phone and can be used to control or open certain apps, link with smart home devices, and is tied closer to Apple's overall ecosystem. It also is quicker for a user to access Siri over Alexa as it doesn't require an app to be opened. 

Now many of you might be thinking that whether this feature will arrive on Android or not and if so, then when it will arrive. At the moment Amazon has confessed that currently, they don’t have any plans to launch this new feature for Android users. However, we hope that if Amazon receives good result then they may not take a longer time to launch this feature for Android users.

The rollout began Thursday and will be deployed to all customers by next week.

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