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We all know that Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best web browser which has evolved significantly both by performance level and functionality level. Hence, recently it released the latest version of Chrome with a life savior feature.

Google Chrome has been the favorite browser for many of us because of its functionality and plugins of course. But there always have been a problem with chrome that it consumes too much of the battery due to which it has been behind competitors like Edge.

Almost a year after it was smashed in a power deathmatch by Microsoft Edge, the engineers behind Chrome have moved to throttle the amount of juice that background tabs take away.

"Google Chrome 57 has arrived"

While Chrome 53 initially marked an improvement for battery life, Google is releasing Chrome 57 this week with further power reductions. Google claims background tabs “consume a third of Chrome's power usage on the desktop,” so the company is doing something about them.

“Efficient power usage is an important aspect of speed, one of Chrome’s key pillars,” Google’s Alexander Timin wrote in a post on the company’s Chromium blog. “To prolong battery life, Chrome should minimise power impact from things users can’t see. This includes background tabs, which consume a third of Chrome’s power usage on the desktop. Starting  version 57, Chrome will throttle individual background tabs by limiting the timer fire rate for background tabs using excessive power.”

How it works:

Each background tab is given a time budget for running processes in the background. After being in the background for 10 seconds, a tab is subject to limits based on how much CPU wall time can be utilized. And Chrome will limit background tabs to using just one percent of a CPU core when a tab runs in the background.

If the page has audio or is using WebSockets or WebRTC links, then the tab will be not paused, since Chrome considers them to be working. The remaining APIs that are in use will be disabled.

The Chromium team says that in its tests, it’s found that “this throttling mechanism leads to 25 percent fewer busy background tabs.” That means 25 percent fewer tabs sucking up power and battery life.

The tech giant Google wants to take this concept a step further by completely blocking tabs that are not in use. Chrome 57 is just the first step and developments will continue in future releases.

But for now, web pages should be less aggressive in the background. To manually get the latest version of Chrome, just go to Settings > About and check your latest version number; you’ll need to relaunch your web browser to install the latest version.

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