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The ultimate OFF page SEO guide of daily activities trends in 2020 to rank any website on top. Use these simple OFF PAGE SEO Strategies to stand out and be the best in SEO Ranking.

Off-Page SEO: What It Is and How to Crack It?

So, Once you are done with your website On Page SEO & with keywords at every place and you start thinking that yes, now I’m gonna get huge OFF-PAGE SEO traffic with my targeted keywords. Wrong! Stuffing keywords in the website and expecting quality traffic is old SEO. Now a days both on-page and off-page seo are equally important.

After the constant changes of algorithms by Google, keyword stuffing is penalized by Google when detected. Now you must be thinking, then what the heck do I do after on-page SEO? How do I do the off-page SEO?

From where do I start?

What are the daily off page SEO activities? How to rank No. 1 on google by using off page guides ?

What is off-page SEO? What are off-page SEO techniques? and many more questions...

Okay, I figured out your problem and got you covered. Now follow these steps one by one and start an OFF PAGE SEO weekly list to rank your website or to increase your existing rankings and be the best in the market.

Here is the List of Daily OFF PAGE SEO Techniques to follow:

off page seo tricks

Source: digitalmarketingonlinetraining

Off-Page SEO Checklist: Are you using these 10+ strategies?

  1. Local Directory Submission

  2. Search Engine Submission

  3. Article Submission

  4. PDF Submission

  5. Slide Submission

  6. Video Submission

  7. Info graphic Submission

  8. Classified Submission

  9. Map listings

  10. Image Submission

  11. Forum Submission

  12. Guest posting

  13. Social Media Submission

  14. Back Link Building

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PDF Submission:

One of the best ways to boost your site rankings and to get free website traffic from off page seo is to share PDFs.  Yes, they still work. I have seen some PDFs ranking on 1st page of search results most of the time. So don’t miss this opportunity and put your PDF at least on SCRIBD and ISSUU and others.

Video Submission:

If you are in 2018, doing SEO for a website and you are skipping video submission then you won’t probably survive in this industry. Marketers have found that VIDEO content is most effective form of content among all the content types. Create a short video and post on YouTubeVimeoDailyMotionMetacafe etc. It also reduces the bounce rate of your site if you have put a video in your post.

Search Engine Submission: 

Once you are done with ON-PAGE SEO you must submit your website URL to all the popular search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. You can submit your website with the following links given below.

Slide Submission:

Spend some time creating some stunning PPTs about your business and put your website information while posting. In this way, you will boost your rankings, get a backlink and inbound traffic from slide submission websites like  SlideShareAuthorStream etc. It holds great value and will help you rank better.

Classified Submission:

 In the Local listing submission list I have included many classified submission sites like Olx and Quikr. Consider posting your classifieds each month at least once with the keywords you are targeting. You will see tremendous increase in traffic and rank boosting.

Article Submission:

There are many websites with High Domain Authority (DA) that you can submit your articles in. Check their requirements and guidelines before posting your content. Below are some trusted ones to you.


Infographic Submission:

Infographic is considered as the most powerful content when it comes to sharing images. You can create stunning infographics at PicktoChart and share them in Visual.LyFlickr,  etc.  Infographics can help you with few good backlinks too.

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Back Link Creation:

After finishing the above off page optimization work jump to backlink building strategy. If you are still not aware what a backlink is then it’s when your website is mentioned in other website or blog with a link back to your domain it’s called a backlink. The more backlinks you have the higher you rank. But backlinks must have relevance.


Below are some techniques you can use to get a backlink for free.

  • Guest Posting: Do at least one guest post per week on relevant websites or blogs to get a link back to your website. This is the easiest way to get backlinks.
  • 404 Broken Link Building: Reach out to some relevant websites and check their backlinks, find out the not found errors and send them a personal message saying you found a broken link on their site. There is a chance to get a backlink with the replacement of 404 content.
  • Write Testimonials: Remember all the services and goods you have purchased last month? Go to their websites and put a testimonial linking back to you.
  • Large Contents: Try to write contents that are useful, helpful and large in size. Content that has more than 1500 words are linked more than those having less than 1000 words.
  • Bio Links: Many websites allow us to get a link from the BIO of the profile. Don’t miss any chance to get a link from the bio.
  • Manual outreach: Find out some local companies, go to them and ask them for a backlink. This works best when you meet the key person and talk to them face to face.
  • Link Roundups:  Link roundups happen once in a while for all business niches. Search for link roundups and pitch your content.


Guest Posting: 

One of the most trusted and safe way to get a do follow backlink with inbound traffic to your website. But now you must be thinking where to post these guest articles? Go to Google and type your business niche + write for us.  I.e. suppose I am looking to write guest posts for Digital Marketing niche I will search Digital Marketing Write for us.  And you won’t believe your eyes. You will actually find people that are looking for guest bloggers.

Map Listing: 

When a business is listed in Google Maps and Bing Locations, it shows automatically to the nearest local searches that match to it. Never ever skip this step. Submit your location to Google and Bing maps for maximum local visibility.

Social Media Submission:

 Social Media Submission will never get outdated, search engines give priority to those website have a social cloud than those are not having any. Make sure you build your social cloud by posting images, texts, videos in FacebookTwitter, YouTubeLinkedInPinterestInstagramTumblr and G+ etc as Social Signal is also a ranking factor.

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Image Submission:  

There are a number of websites that are made for image submission. Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr,  are great source to submit images about your website or blog.

Forum Submission:

Be active in forums related to your business, to find forums that are related to your business go to Google and type your business keywords + forum and you will see the forums that are related to your business. Stay active and post regularly for high authority backlinks and off page traffic.


Mentioned Above are the tips, methods, guide we all should follow to get our ranking boost using DAILY OFF PAGE SEO techniques to boost up the rankings . Every SEO professional has his/her unique strategies to hit the top spot. One must Follow Essential Off Page SEO Factors.

If you want me to include something or if you know some techniques that would help me grow, or If you have any feedback feel free to comment below.

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