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Facebook tricks and tips: In this article, we gonna share, Facebook tips and tricks so that you can surprise your friends. So here is the best collection of Facebook tips for all. All the Facebook tricks are tested and working 100%. Get more attraction among your friends and family members with these Facebook tricks. All the latest Facebook Tricks and Tips compilation. These are best working Facebook tips and tricks over the internet and will help you improve your experience.

Why Facebook Tips and Tricks should be known?

These days almost most the population uses Facebook, some for entertainment purpose, others for business. Facebook has now become part of our life. Most the people don’t know about these tricks, so we want to aware people with these. There is a lot to be done over Facebook apart from just messaging and posting statuses. If you are a Facebook addict. Here is something new for you to practice. These Facebook tricks will certainly help you a lot. Here is a collection of best Facebook tricks. Use these Facebook hacks 2018 to make your user experience bounce up to a whole new level.

Facebook was basically Developed to connect different People from Different Location World Wide. On the Other Hand, Facebook is also a Spot for Entertainment Where People Upload Pictures, Videos, and Status and Share with Their Friends. Check Out the below list of All Facebook tricks and Hacks. Hope some of them would be Helpful to You and you can use it yourself.

Top Best Facebook Tips and Tricks 2018

Facebook being world’s best and most popular social networking sites website, helps us find our old friends and people over the internet. You can chat with them and share memories.Facebook also helps us discover new friends. Facebook has millions of daily users.These numbers are increasing day by day. It creates its own maximum active members records and breaks them. Recently it touched 1 billion active users mark. We share content over Facebook, use it daily for entertainment purpose, we chat with our friends, share comments, emoticons, and much more.

Here is the Compilation of All Latest Facebook Tricks & Hacks 2018. By Using These simple tweaks, you can Effectively use Facebook and Make your Work Easy. It Includes Tips and Tricks Related to Facebook that many people don't know. So here are Best Facebook tricks.

1. How to Hide Message Seen time

There are times when you want to read the message, but don’t want to allow the user to know that message has been read. This trick comes handy at those times. Facebook haven't officially announced such feature. But with the help of certain plugins, you can do so. 

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Install the desired plugin for your browser. We are sharing Extensions for Chrome and Mozilla. Then just follow and get it.

1- For Google Chrome

Just enable it and done, It will automatically work.

Price: Free 

2- For Mozilla Firefox

First, install Grease Monkey in your Mozilla Firefox

After than just install Stealth.

This will help you hide the message seen time.

2. Post to Multiple Groups in one go

Have you joined too many groups and want to post content to all of them? This trick is the solution for you. You won't have to paste the same message to the number of groups individually. But don’t try again and again because it will make spamming on this social site and you know spamming not allow by Facebook.

Here Are two sites which provide this feature for multiple group share.

You can try any one like or

3. How to post Facebook status in blue color

  1. Log-in to Your Facebook Account.
  2. Go For a Status Update Now Copy the Below Code & Paste in Your Status, Replace Your Status Here With Your Status @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your Status Here ]]
  3. Now you can Post Facebook Status…

4. Check who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Most of us are curious to know who viewed our profile in last few days or months. This Facebook Trick 2018 is used for the same. Use this browser source code Facebook tricks to trace your Facebook profile visitors.

Track Your Timeline or Facebook wall visitor By Browser Source Code

  1. First, you should go to your timeline or wall.
  2. Now right click of the mouse and click on View Page source.
  3. You will see all coding of your profile in the new page.
  4. Now just press Control + F, You will see search Box on Upper right corner of Chrome.
  5. You can go directly view-source.
  6. Now paste  [InitialChatFriendsList] on Find box.
  7. Then you will see many Friends profile ID code after InitialChatFriendsList
  8. Just copy any Profile ID code and Past After
  9. example id code xxx

You will see who recently viewed your profile.

5. Post Facebook comment in blue color

1. Log-In to Your Facebook Account

2. Open the Facebook Post on Which you want to do Blue Comment

3. Now Copy the Below Code And Paste in Facebook Comment, Replace Your Comment Here with Your Comment. @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your Comment Here]]

6. Invite all Facebook friends

Facebook doesn’t allow you to select all friends to invite to like your new page. Here a tip and trick which will let you do so. Follow these steps to invite all friends on Facebook with just a single click.

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  1. First, you need to go your Specific Facebook page.
  2. Now just click on Build Audience on the right corner.
  3. You will see invite Friends Option-click on it.
  4. In many accounts, you will not see this option so try with the different account.
  5. After clicking one Invite friends, you will see all friends list.
  6. Just scroll down all friends.
  7. Now Simple press Shift+ Control + J or F12 directly.
  8. You will see the console box under the browser.
  9. Just click, copy below codes and paste it in the console box using Control +V
  10. var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i
  11. It will take few minutes. As it depends on the number of friends.

7. Facebook photo tag bypass verification trick

This Facebook tip and trick will let you  Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification. Kindly Follow the below 

Requirements: Android Phone or Computer with Internet access, Email/Phone & Password of Blocked Facebook Profile, Date of Birth of the Profile

Kindly Follow the below Steps

  1.  Open
  2.  After Opening Bypass tunnel, there will be a field to Enter URL, Enter
  3.  Now The Mobile View of Facebook Will Open, Log-In With the Blocked ID & Password
  4. Now it Will Ask You For DOB or Mobile Number Verification
  5.  Now Enter the DOB or Verify Your Number, & Your Profile will be Unlocked.

That's it. Now you will easily bypass the verification step. 

8. Make a single name Facebook Profile

To Make a single name Facebook profile: First Download the Hola App on Your Android Mobile.

Developer: Hola
Price: Free 

  1. Now Open the Hola App & Open the Browser of Hola App
  2. Now, Type in the Address Box.
  3. Now Go to Settings > General > Language & Change It to Bhasha Indonesia.
  4. Main Step: Now You will see a Country Sign on the Upper Side of Hola Browser, Click on that & Select Indonesia. Now, the browser will start reloading, Cancel It By Click on Cross Sign (X)
  5. Now Go to Settings > General > Name & Delete Your Last Name & Keep Your First Name Only, Click Review Change & You Are Done.

Now you can easily make a single name Facebook profile.

Note: These tricks and images are from different sources. Thus haven't given credits to any.

9.Accept all Facebook friend request at Once

  1. Open you Google Chrome Web Browser and Go to Chrome Web Store.
  2. Then You need to Find a Chrome Extension named “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/ Reject”.
    Price: Free 
  3. You can also Get this Extension.
  4. After Add this Extension in your Google Chrome. You can see a Small Icon on Top of Right Side Corner.001
  5. Now Login your Facebook Account and Open your Friends Requests that you want to Accept or Reject it.
  6. Then Click on that Icon Located at Top of Right Side Corner in Browser.
  7. On the Next page,  there is Pop Up Dialog Box in Which you have two Option one is to Accept Friends Request
  8. at Once or Reject Friends Request.
  9. Just Choose any of Them and Click on Below Green Button and the Process is Start.
  10. You can See the Count on Screen. Job Done Successfully.

10. How to change Facebook Theme

If you are bored of default blue Facebook theme? Change Facebook's default theme and switch to a new one. However,  you can always revert back all the changes and switch to default theme again.

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  • Now Go to Chrome Extension Where you see all of your Installed Chrome Extension.
  • Now Click on Explore and Choose your Favorite Theme.
  • Hit Install on your Favorite Theme and See the Magic.

11.Download Facebook Videos

There must have been situations when you would have seen a funny video over Facebook and have wanted to download it,  but have failed. This is because Facebook doesn’t provide the feature to download Facebook videos. We have a trick for that.

Here is the trick.

  1. First Go to Facebook Video that you Want to Download.
  2. You can See the Facebook Video Link in Browser URL, Just Copy that Link.Just Copy Facebook video’s download link.
  3. Then Go to Clip Convertor and Paste the Video’s Link and Click “Continue”. Paste that Facebook video link and click continue
  4. After Clicking on Continue, It can go to next Page Where it can Show the Video Quality according to Pixels.
  5. Choose your Video Quality & Size and Hit “Start” Button and Wait Until Conversion of Video Finish.Download Facebook Video
  6. Now you see the Last Step. Click on “Download” and Your Video starts Downloading.

12. Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Deleting is separate from deactivating your account. It will permanently delete your account data and images .

  1. Log in to Facebook with your email and password.
  2. Go to Settings >> General Account Settings
  3. Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  4. Go to the following link and enter your password when asked.
  5. Now just click delete my Facebook account 
  6. That’s it. You are done.

Facebook takes 14 days to process the request and permanently delete your account. Do not log into the account at any time or the request will be void.

These were the best tweaks from the Facebook tips and tricks 2018 guide. Hope you would have liked these Facebook tricks 2018 edition. Most of the Facebook tricks include security Tips, Hacking Tricks and Other Tips and Tricks regarding Facebook. These all working fine, you can call them secret Facebook tips and tricks 2018.

If you have gone through any new Facebook tips and tricks, please feel free to mention in the comments so that we could update the posts. This will help us share updated info with our users. Keep sharing the posts, because sharing knowledge doesn’t cost you anything. You can bookmark this page also to get time to time updates of Facebook tips and tricks.

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