Posted By on 30 Apr 2017

HTC is looking to rule the market this time around and it's next mobile is going to have some sort of “squeezable” frame. We are not saying this but that’s the message coming through in the company’s latest ad. The Taiwanese Company earlier this month, announced it would be unveiling something new on May 16th with the tagline “Squeeze for the brilliant U,” and this short video teaser really squeezes hits that message home.

"Squeezable Smartphone by HTC"

You can squeeze a sponge, you can squeeze an avocado, and you’ll probably be able to squeeze HTC’s next handset too. That's the loud and clear message from the video.

Japanese carrier NTT Docomo also made a prototype handset with touch sensors on the edge of the frame, mearly five years ago. This allowed users to launch apps, perform voice searches, and more, just with a squeeze of the hand. So a squeezable smartphone sounds outdated just because it's been done before.

The teser ends with " Save the date May 16, 2017 ".

So, let's wait and see what HTC unfolds this time around.

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