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Muji is well known for its clothing and this time Muji has come up with the unique idea that features a dedicated pocket for lovable smartphones. The jeans are suitable for men and women is the latest to join Muji’s range of denim that’s easy to wear, comfortable, made with organic cotton, and lets you move easily.



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Editor-in-chief of Recode and friend of The Verge Dan Frommer tweeted this today, bringing Muji’s sixth pocket into attention:

This denim is available in five styles including skinny and boyfriend and four colors from Indigo to Navy. Muji Denim favors the relaxed, lived—in fit that is synonymous with great design. The smartphone pocket jeans are a clever nod to the ubiquity of the smartphone and the marrying of form and function at which Muji excels. Starting at £29.95, the jeans was launched online and in major stores on 31st January. 

The pocket is designed to keep you from sitting on your phone, which is definitely a real issue but also makes me wonder if your phone is actually at a bigger liability in this position. It’s so precarious with its camera sticking out. If you wear your shirt tucked in, wouldn’t someone be able to walk by and steal it? Muji does seem to exist in some sort of highly organized utopia, so maybe in that place, petty theft isn’t a thing.

You can get it from here.

So, if you have used this pair of jeans do comment below and let us know whether it lived to your expectations or not.

Source: The Verge

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