Posted By on 22 Dec 2016


YouTube’s VR video collection just added a major new platform: Sony’s PlayStation VR. Several Reddit users and a handful of Facebook and Twitter users are reporting that support for Sony’s headset landed on the YouTube PlayStation 4 app as part of update 1.09,” reported UploadVR. The users claim that they have been using the app already. However, the update does appear to have rolled out everywhere. “No one at UploadVR in the US or UK is able to download it right now — we’re all stuck with the 1.08 version, even after running the ‘Check for Update’ process on the application,” the report by UploadVR added.

Previously, PlayStation VR had specialized VR video apps with their own collections of material, like Within, and players could manually load 360-degree videos they had downloaded. But YouTube offers a much higher volume of material, and with the launch of Google’s Daydream VR platform, it’s been focusing on beefing up its VR catalog. We’ve reached out to YouTube to confirm details of this release.

via : TheVerge

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