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Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled in two weeks and we already know that the device will reportedly have a dedicated button on the side for its voice assistant Bixby.  

An Italian Page found on the Samsung website clearly states "comandi vocali con Bixby", which means "voice commands with Bixby" when translated into English.

The Privacy Statement mentions that Bixby as a voice feature. With it, you can “control all operations” of your mobile device. The T&C is both for mobile devices and wearables, and we won’t be surprised if Bixby appears on the next generation of Gear smartwatches.

Virtual assistants are a feature increasingly present in different models from various manufacturers, from the Apple Siri to the Microsoft Cortana to Google, they all look for a partner for the terminals that can respond to our voice commands and perform different tasks.

Talk of Samsung adding a personal assistant to its line-up has been around ever since it took the plunge and invested some serious cash in Viv Labs last year. Bixby is likely to feature deep integration with native apps. The Bixby Assistant is also reported to offer visual and text recognition, which could set it apart from other assistants.

As for the Galaxy S8, everything we’ve seen thus are just very strong rumours and we’ll wait until Samsung’s dedicated Unpacked event on March 29 to see exactly what the company has up its sleeve.

So, what do you think about this virtual assistant? Simply share your views in the comment section below.

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