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After months of reports, rumors and leaks, WhatsApp has now finally rolled out its much-talked about Status update feature for all. This is one of the major updates the chat app has rolled out after the addition of video calling functionality.


Seeing your friends statuses

If you're on the latest version of WhatsApp on Android, iOS or Windows Phone, you will be able to see a new tab called "Status" in your WhatsApp, near the top (or at the bottom left corner on iOS). This will bring up a screen that shows your own status near the top, followed by updates from people on your contact list. Tapping on anyone on the list will show you their latest status updates, as a picture or video that shows for a few seconds. Statuses remain for 24 hours and disappear automatically, but you can also delete a status update before that manually.

Tapping an update will skip it and move on to the next update by the same individual or on to the next unread update from a contact on your list. You can put up multiple images and videos in a single status update, which each individual image disappearing when its 24-hour time period elapses.

Posting a status

To post your own status which will be shared with all of your contacts, you simply have to tap the add icon in the top right corner. This takes you to the camera to shoot a new update or select an existing image or video clip from your gallery. The update will be added to your status list and will show in order until its time elapses.

A big advantage that WhatsApp Status has over its Snapchat and Instagram counterparts is privacy. Your status updates only go out to people on your contact list, and you can customize this to exclude certain contacts from viewing your updates or specify who should see updates. The core privacy of WhatsApp is maintained, ensuring that this form of sharing stories cannot be seen by anyone outside of the limited set of people that you actually know and actively communicate with on WhatsApp.

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