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Lifepowr A2 took the world by shock by launching massive 27,000mAh battery pack with an AC outlet. The same team has returned with a new and improved battery pack that features USB-C. This time around, though Lifepowr A3 still comes in at 27,000mAh but comes with two USB-C ports featuring.

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Quick Charge 3.0,
  • two USB-A ports that also support Quick Charge 3.0,
  • and the AC socket.

The 27,000mAh allows it to be stored in carry-on luggage on flights. Thus making it more demanding amongst the users.  The company says the A3 can be recharged to 50 percent in under an hour (using a 60W charger) and fully recharged in under three hours.  All five ports can be used simultaneously, and LifePowr is also selling a solar panel that can recharge the A3, which may be helpful for people who are more into field work or those who are against recharging their devices in a Starbucks outlet.

The A2 is currently $239 on Amazon and yYou can back the A3 on Indiegogo today for as low as $159 which means $159 is likely a considerable discount from the final price of the A3. While Lifepowr has crowdfunded and shipped a product before, you should exercise the same caution you normally would with a crowdfunded product. The company says the A3 will ship in November thus it will take some waiting before you're out with it.

So, what do you think about this unique gadget? Comment below and let us know about it.

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